Sureflap Pet Door Connect & Hub

Why do I need a hub? 
You’ll need the Pet Door Connect and the Hub to use the Sure Petcare App. Get the Pet Door Connect and Hub Bundle so that you’re all ready to go.

Connect to your pet from anywhere in the world


  • The link between your Connect products and the Sure Petcare app
  • Plugs into your WiFi router using an ethernet cable (included)
  • Dimmable 'ears' which also flash for notifications
  • Enables you to control your Connect products using the Sure Petcare app
  • Add up to 10 Connect products to your household
  • Mains powered

How does it work? 

  • The Hub acts as a link between the Pet Door Connect and the internet
  • When your pet uses the Pet Door Connect it sends the information to the Hub
  • The Hub communicates with your Sure Petcare app via the internet - wherever you are!
  • Control the Pet Door Connect from your phone and get notifications from anywhere in the world!



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