Can my pet door slide with my door?

If you would like your Patio Pet Door to slide with your sliding door, please follow the instructions below. This method usually isn't used unless you have double sliding doors that close in the middle and you are unable to install the pet door to the side of your fixed panel.

You can fix the patio pet door to one of your sliding doors using the security plate (usually the door without the handle/ locking mechanism). If there is a latch in the way on your door just remove it so the pet door sits up to the door correctly. So the pet door slides smoothly with the door it is attached to we recommend you get this sliding door wheel. 


You will need to snap a piece off of the wheel as shown in the photo above and then insert it into the bottom of the pet door in the location shown in the photo below. The 3 teeth inside the bottom of the pet door should hold the wheel in place. 


Now your patio pet door is attached and sliding with your door you just need to transfer the latch over onto the pet door using the security pack transfer plates or use the latch in the security pack.




If you need any more help with this please contact us.

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