Can my pet get Sunburned this summer?

As we humans get sunburned, it may surprise you but pets can get sunburned and sustain sun damage as well from too much sun exposure. Most domestic animals like cats and dogs that have short hair, pale skin or hairless are at a greater risk of getting sunburn. Too much exposure from the sunlight can lead to more serious problems like inflammation and blistering that may affect most areas of your pets such as skin, ears, nose and around the eyes and can develop complications like skin cancer or melanoma. 

It is important to protect your pet's skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some ways to prevent your pet from getting sunburnt: 


  • Providing Shade 

Don't let your pet stand out in the sun for too long. Provide shade that is safe and away from the sun. This helps prevent your pet from overheating. 

  • Use Sun Protection for Pets 

Use non-toxic sunscreen for pets to protect them from the rays of the sun. Most pets will lick the sunscreen after applying, so find something that won't harm them. 


These are just some ways to prevent your pet from getting sunburnt. For humans and animals, avoiding excess exposure to high-intensity sunlight is the best prevention. It's a great idea to have knowledge and understanding of the risk and preventions needed for your pet, to identify trouble and complications. So, don't forget to pay attention to these ways and other ways you can prevent your pet from getting sunburned. And if any of these complications occur or you think your dog needs further help, take them to the vet right away. The sooner they are seen by the vet, the easier it will be for them to fully recover. 


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