The best way to remove sand from your pet after the beach

Taking your dog to the beach can be a lot of fun! Whether your dog enjoys a dip in the sea or a run through the sand, getting out in the fresh air during the summer has numerous benefits for dogs.

However there is no getting around the reality that your dog will still have some sand on him when you get home. But there are various safe methods for removing sand from your dog's coat.

 It is vital to remember that removing all of the sand in one try is unlikely to happen, It may take several efforts to acquire a sand-free coat. Regardless of how hard you try, your dog will wind up with sand in his paw pads, fur, and on his skin, if you don't want to spend days vacuuming every last grain of sand out of your home and vehicle, you'll need to try doing the following:  


  • Eliminate Sticky Sand from Your Dog's Coat


Before you leave the beach, use a plush towel to dry off your dog. This promotes speedy drying, and towelling down your dog will also help loosen up any additional dirt or sand that is stuck on your dog's fur. Sand may be difficult to remove if it becomes lodged in your dog's fur, and towel-drying is an excellent technique to release it.


  • Make use of the Hose 


The simplest technique to keep sand out of your home is to keep it outside! Disinfect your dog's coat outside using the hose after a day at the beach to begin removing as much sand as possible. When it involves removing dirt or sand, this is a great place to start. This procedure will loosen anything leftover in the fur, allowing for easier removal. 


  •  Take a Bath with a Gentle Shampoo 


Lightly rub a mild shampoo on your dog, making sure to gently move your fingers all the way down to the skin. Your dog will appreciate the massage. This will aid in the removal of any sand that has become embedded in the skin and fine fur. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your dog to remove all sand and soap, which can irritate the skin if not removed properly. 


  • Brush your Dog 

That last little bit of sand is easiest to remove from a dry coat, so give him a good brush after he's/she's been towel dried. Brushing your dog with a pin or slicker brush will help you locate any stubborn sand particles. 



  • Repeat as needed 

Unfortunately, not all of the sand is removed from the coat in a single bathing attempt. This means you may have to go through the process again. Yes, cleaning up sand can be tedious, but the time spent having fun with your best canine pal at the beach makes it all worthwhile. 

~ Ivan

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