Which locking option to choose?

We have a few different options when it comes to locks so that no matter what your situation is we have a solution for you. Either go through these questions to help determine what you require or for a more comprehensive recommendation follow this link and complete the questionnaire which will then show you what you would need to purchase.  https://www.lalunapetcare.com.au/page/recommendation/

Answer these 3 questions and we will guide you to the most suitable option.

Q1. Are you in a rental property?

If YES you should get the Barlock.

If NO go to Q2.


Q2. Would you like to remove the pet door on a regular basis?

If YES you should get the Patio Bolt.

If NO go to Q3.


Q3. Would you like to lock both your sliding door and your screen door or just one?

If BOTH you should get the Adapter.

If ONE you should get the Security Pack.


Security Pack

Permanent Solution | Tools Required: Screwdriver

This option is for those who would like to transfer your existing latches onto your pet door. Others will tell you that you don't need anything to transfer them, We can tell you they're lying. Without this pack, it can be near impossible to transfer your locks.

The plates included making it easy to transfer your female latch off of your frame onto the pet door. You also get 2 extra security plates that anchor your pet door panel to the sliding door track in 2 additional places increasing security.

You will also find a specially designed security screen door latch, as the one on your frame will not fit into the channel on the patio pet door.

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Non-Permanent Solution | Tools Required: None

Perfect for rental properties, this lock doesn't require any installation. It is positioned behind the sliding door halfway up and attached with the adhesive pads. It offers high security but does not damage your track and is super easy to use.

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Screen Door Adapter

Permanent Solution | Tools Required: Screwdriver/ Hacksaw

This option is popular for people wanting full functionality. It is an aluminum extrusion that fixes to the side of the patio pet door. It creates a channel for both the sliding door and the screen door. Simply move your latches from the frame onto this adapter and you can then lock both doors together as you usually would. Without this, you can only lock one door at a time onto the per door.

This is also the most secure solution as both doors are locked. We recommend you use the adapter in conjunction with the security pack for the best security.

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Patio Bolt

Semi-Permanent Solution | Tools Required: Screwdriver/ Drill

Patio bolts are installed on the back of sliding doors either at the top or bottom. This is classed as a deadlock and offers good security. Most people leave the patio bolt in place if they move out of the property as some sliding doors already have them for extra security.

We no longer sell these but you can get them here






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