Installing your Patio Pet Door Wheel

If you would like your Patio Pet Door to slide with your sliding door, please follow the instructions below. This method usually isn't used unless you have double sliding doors that close in the middle and you are unable to install the pet door to the side of your fixed panel.

You can fix the patio pet door to one of your sliding doors using the security plate (usually the door without the handle/ locking mechanism). If there is a latch in the way on your door just remove it so the pet door sits up to the door correctly. So the pet door slides smoothly with the door we will need to install the Patio Pet Door Wheel below.

This Patio Pet Door Wheel will need to be inserted into the cavity on the bottom side of the Patio Pet Door on either the left or right-hand side. If you are attaching the pet door to your sliding door on the right-hand side, it will go on the left-hand side, or vis-a-versa.

Before inserting the wheel into the pet door, you will need to remove a screw.

At the bottom of the pet door on the side, you will see two round stickers - you will need to remove both stickers. Then using a screwdriver undo and completely remove the screw that is in the bottom hole.

You can then push the wheel up into the side of the pet door with the flat side of the carriage on the outside (indented side on the inside) and the wheel facing the bottom.

Adjust the wheel so it sits flush with the bottom of the pet door. Using a different screw (one of the spare self-tapping screws that come with the Pet Door), you will then screw this into the top hole to hold it in place. You can then place the stickers back over the holes and install as normal. Once this is placed in the track it will be able to slide with your door.

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