Installing the screen door adapter - Video #165

Video #165 

This is an instructional video, which guides you through the installation process of the La Luna Pet Care Patio Pet Door and Screen Door Adapter. By following this video you can successfully integrate your existing locks with your La Luna patio pet door and lock both your sliding door and screen door. 





00:00 - Intro 

00:17 - Pet Door Contents 

00:33 - Insert Pet Door Into Track 

00:59 - Secure Pet Door Into Track 

02:17 - Measuring the screen door adapter 

02:50 - Cutting the screen door adapter 

03:01 - Attaching the screen door adapter 

03:50 - Remove the sliding door lock 

04:17 - Attaching your lock to the screen door adapter 

05:44 - Relocating your security screen door latch 

06:59 - Wrap Up  




More information and videos can be found in our help centre here.


And you can purchase our patio pet doors here.

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