Is The Patio Pet Door Compatible With My Doors?

Our Patio Pet Door Inserts are compatible with 90% of doors out there so chances are it probably fits. however there are a few exceptions & caveats.

Exceptions & Caveats

  1. If your doors are greater than 2830mm in height and/or require more than six extension pieces to fit then your doors are not compatible. Adding more than six extension pieces will cause the pet door insert to become unstable so we do not recommend it, although it can be done.

  2. If your doors are smaller than 1990mm then our patio pet doors will not fit.

  3. If your door opens onto to a pool, you should check with your states building regulations if it is legal to have a pet door on that door.

  4.  If you have bi-fold or swing doors our patio pet doors will not work. 

Other than that our patio pet doors should fit most sliding doors. If in doubt send our customer service team some photos and we can help confirm.



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